Aaron Carnine is the creator and developer of OurChildInfo.com.  After years of the practice of Family Law, I recognized a need to create a method for parents to securely and permanently communicate about their child after a divorce.

OurChildInfo.com is a private, secure website used by parents to communicate directly with each other about their child. Posts, replies, documents, and photos cannot be deleted by either parent. OurChildInfo.com is the answer to lost phones, deleted messages, insulting texts, emails, voicemails, verbal agreements. A central communication resource that is verifiable “Written Notice”. Court orders, photos, medical bills, school records, sports schedules and any other information or evidence can be provided. Posts by both parents can be seen by the other parent. Every post is automatically tagged by poster, time and date. The site serves as a record of shared information, or ignored questions.

The 1st parent to sign up pays $7.50 month with the first month free. The 2nd parent is emailed a welcome message and free signup code. The only information necessary is each parent’s email address. After every post or reply, an email is sent automatically to the other parent advising of a post. At any time either parent can download a log file which shows a complete, chronological record of all posts, documents, photos, uploads. A log-file can be retrieved at any time in “My Account” at the top, then “Export Logs” on left. It is a compressed .zip file sent by a link to your email. It contains a PDF of the complete merged chronology of your entire conversation, and every photo and document uploaded.

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The absence of information creates a record of delay or avoidance. Uploading documents are helpful in answering questions, providing a direct resource, or to clarify a disagreement. OCI can be a repository of custody orders, child support orders, medical bills, sports schedules, and more.